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Cheap Bulk SMS Service in Nepal

Explore the rapidly growing field of bulk SMS in Nepal, where it is quickly becoming the go-to method for companies and organizations looking for effective outreach solutions in a nation where mobile phone usage is quite common.

 Leading Provider in Nepal

Discover why Webpal is the best SMS Marketing service provider in Nepal. It is well-known for offering a wide range of features that are specifically designed to cater to the various requirements of companies that use mass messaging.

User-Friendly Platform

 Take advantage of Webpal’s platform’s smooth operation and intuitive design, which is intended to give businesses an easy-to-use interface for managing and deploying mass SMS campaigns.

  • Simple dashboard for effortless management and navigation
  • A quick and easy method for delivering SMS messages in mass
  • Convenient scheduling options and customizable templates
  • UI that is easy to use and suitable for users of various skill levels
  • Real-time reporting and analytics to monitor campaign effectiveness and engagement levels
Dependability at its Core

 For organizations who rely heavily on SMS Marketing communication as a key component of their strategy, Webpal’s strong infrastructure and unwavering dedication to dependability ensure fast and uninterrupted delivery of SMS messages.

Targeting Options 

Take use of Webpal’s wide range of targeting options to help businesses better engage and convert customers by segmenting their audience and sending highly targeted communications that are catered to the unique interests and preferences of various client groups.

Flexible Pricing Plans

 Learn about the adaptability and flexibility of Webpal’s pricing alternatives, which have been carefully designed to meet the needs of companies of various sizes and financial constraints. These plans guarantee accessibility and affordability without sacrificing performance or quality.

Pricing slab for Bulk SMS in Nepal (Updated on 01/05/023)

Rate per SMS (VAT Excl.)
1 – 10000 SMSNPR 1.20 per SMS
10001 – 20000 SMSNPR 1 per SMS
20001+ SMSNPR 0.95 per SMS

In conclusion, consider Webpal as your go-to partner for bulk SMS services in Nepal. It provides a strong blend of dependability, usability, targeting options, and affordable rates. Businesses may successfully traverse the world of mass messaging using Webpal, effectively reaching their audience and promoting development and success in Nepal’s ever-changing business climate.

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